Know your Limits

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- "You have to know your limits!", she said.
- "How would I assess those without going beyond?"
- "By knowing yourself, by your training, and most important your judgement"
So far I still don't know where my limits are but she has definitely been a huge turn in my short diving history. Who is she?
Christine Loew (PADI # 944801) has been my divemaster instructor at Yucatek Divers, Playa del Carmen, Mexico and since then is one of my scuba diving mentor.
When I first started my divemaster course, I thought that it was going to be the ultimate point of my training. I had no intention to work in the industry and was more going after the title that may impress other divers. In no more than 6 weeks she turned me into a professionnal, seeking every single opportunity to improve my skills and attitude. 
She did that by Role Modeling and by really investing herself into my training. I wasn't at all a student/instructor relationship but definitely a mento/padawan one. She helped me to seek the Force inside me.
I became aware of security and safety, I understood the importance of following and complying to the standards and I trusted myself that nothing was more rewarding than the happy face of an alive diver. I am a recreational diver and a tek diver. I have already organised several scuba diving trips (one of them I took 11 friends into DSD). Before planning every dive, I hear her voice: "You have to know your limits!" and once in the water it is still there. I dive my plan and make sure that those with whom I am enjoy their dive with the maximun of security. Today, some people see me as a role model and a good buddy to dive with
Under her "influence", I built confidence but also invaluable skills that I don't only apply to my diving but to any activities I engage with in the water and also outside of it. It soon became obvious I came with small infatuation (I loved scuba diving) and I left with a gangrena (I was addicted to scuba diving and willing to share that with others). Here I am now a little bit more than a year and a half after we met, I am about to make another big step into the diving industry as I am about to start an IDC followed by an IE with the aim of becoming a PADI OWSI.
As I enter this new direction my thoughts go to her and how much she was a part of this very obvious journey I am now on.I still don't know my limits but I  understand that safe diving is THE limits. I have also that I have no limits in my deasire to dive and share that with others. 
Thank you Christine for every thing.
I note that PADI follow up on structured feedback and I trust that PADI have something in place to reward people and businesses who are exceptional, an enormous asset to Padi and the dive industry in general.

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